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High Efficiency Splitter Diffuser Tunnels (Set of 2)

High Efficiency Splitter Diffuser Tunnels (Set of 2)

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High Downforce Splitter Diffuser Tunnels

Our splitter diffusers are optimized using CFD simulations to create the most downforce with the least amount of drag. Unlinke many of the splitter diffusers on the market, we have prioritized the efficiency of our design, ensuring it will work optimally on any splitter setup. These front splitter tunnels are meant to be installed on any flat splitter or underbody pannel to increase downforce. 

Benefits of our Splitter Tunnels:

The addition a splitter diffuser when placed on the front splitter will add a significant amount of front downforce to the front splitter. Our deisgn has the added effect of vortex generation, creating pockets of air circulation behind the diffusers, improving brake cooling. 


Universal fitment


Made from durable and easily machinable ABS pastic for reliability and robustness.


Dimensions: 11" x 9.25" x 2"

Weight: 0.6 lb each


- CFD optimized for efficient, high downforce
- Easy installation
- Generate vorticies for increased brake cooling

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This product is meant for race use only and is not legal for street use. Racing and car modification are inherently dangerous activities which may lead to serious injury or death. It is the responsibility of the customer and installer to ensure this product installed correctly and is fit for the application. SIMPLE SPEED LLC is not liable for any damages incurred due to misuse or improper installation of this product.